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Initial business candidates may be part of the pilot production or may appear in subsequent shows.  Candidates will be selected based on investment and entertainment value.

Kent Griswold, Founder and Producer, recently appeared on Another Thing With Larry Mendte talking about BizzShow.

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BizzShow® , which has often been compared to Shark Tank® , is the newest and most exciting multi-media vehicle to help growing companies get much needed financing along with a team of savvy advisors to help accelerate their growth and avoid unnecessary mistakes.  A panel of investors, The  Wolf  PAC (Presidents Advisory Council)®  will evaluate businesses competing for their resources (time and money) in an entertaining format designed to attract viewers and potential customers. BizzShow​®   is launching in the Philadelphia area and will then expand to select metropolitan areas around the country.  Founder Dr. Kent C. Griswold, a Harvard graduate with an MBA from Wharton and a PhD in Health Administration, is a serial entrepreneur who among other things started a summer camp at age 14 and later grew his health care enterprise to over $100,000,000.00 in sales. 

Business candidates must be B2C, post revenue and be headquartered or conduct significant business in the select metropolitan region. 

Accelerating Today's Companies

To Tomorrow's Leaders

Participation will be limited to 10 Accredited Investors.  The panel for each Show will have 5 Investors preferably with a variety of industry and skill sets.